Faculty Recruitment and Hiring Procedures

Updated June, 2017

Part I – Position request

  1. When a position becomes vacant, it is frozen until a search has been approved.
  2. The unit must complete a Faculty Position Request form.
  3. Unit must determine if this is an in-cycle request – to be reviewed in June each year — or an out-of-cycle request, for a critical situation that cannot wait for the annual review.
  4. College Dean reviews, and, if approved, forwards the request to the Provost.
  5. Provost reviews.
    1. Denied out of cycle requests are returned to the college for in-cycle submission.
    2. If approved, the budget for the line is reduced to the median of the market. Dean reviews position budget. Current salaries at the same rank and discipline are compared with 90% of market data. Dean has the authority to re-allocate position funds in excess of the 90% of market. Any changes are emailed to the Office of the Provost and the Budget Office.

Part II – Posting and recruitment

For details see Hiring Toolkit for regular faculty.

  1. Confirm the position number
  2. Identify the search committee – have all members complete search committee training.
  3. Prepare position for posting, attached the approved Faculty Position Request Form as well as any email exchanges regarding the budget or questions regarding the position
  4. Request approval for posting – The Office of the Provost will determine if the position is underutilized and notify the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE). Under-utilized positions will be monitored by the OIE. Search committee must be made aware of this status.
  5. Once posting is approved, unit places external ads.
  6. Committee members and departmental faculty should distribute the posting and encourage potential candidates to apply.

Part III – Evaluation of the pool

For details see Hiring Toolkit for regular faculty.

  1. The Committee must list the criteria and method used to evaluate the candidate pool prior to evaluating the pool.
  2. After the position is closed, the committee determines if candidates meet the minimum qualifications. Those not meeting the min. qualifications should be deselected. The documentation of this action can be a simple yes/no determination by each member of the committee. This determination must be recorded and attached to the hiring proposal.
  3. The committee must then review the remaining candidates in terms of the preferred qualifications and the criteria developed in Part III Step 1. From these discussions a list for phone/ITV/SkyPE interviews should be developed.
  4. For under-utilized positions and before finalizing the list for phone/ITV/SkyPE interviews, an email must be sent to OIE with the position number and the names of those being considered for the phone/ITV/SkyPE interview. Within 48 hours, OIE will either concur with the list or ask
    for justification as to why specific candidates were not considered. Searches for under-utilized positions must have OIE approval before proceeding.
  5. References provided by the candidate should be contacted at this stage.
  6. After phone/ITV/SkyPE interviews are complete, the committee will determine which candidates should be considered for a campus interview. Alternate candidates for campus interviews must also be determined.
  7. A memo outlining the strengths and weaknesses of candidates being considered for a campus interview must be sent to the College Dean for approval before inviting any candidate to campus.
  8. Positions determined to be under-utilized must include OIE in the request for campus interviews. Any potential issues identified by OIE must be addressed at this point in the search process. (All approvals from OIE and the Dean must be attached to the final hiring proposal.)
  9. After the Dean and OIE approve the individuals and alternates for campus interviews, the onsite visits can be scheduled.
  10. Those scheduled for campus interviews and the alternates should remain in the “under review by Committee” designation in PeopleAdmin. All others should receive the appropriate deselection code. The committee chair is strongly encouraged to send a personal email to anyone who participated in the phone interview process to update them on the search.

Part IV – Campus visit and final selection

  1. Campus visits should be conducted in accordance with college practice and Dean’s direction. Candidates should have the opportunity to visit with a Benefits specialist during the visit or should be provided contact information for Employee Benefits so that they can call with specific questions.
  2. Committees are encouraged to use every opportunity to assess each candidate, including visits during the drive from and to the airport.
  3. References not included in the official list should be contacted at this time. Even though candidates sign a release when they apply for the position, they should be informed that you will make reference calls to people who are not on their list.
  4. After all campus visits are complete, the committee should provide the Dean with a memo listing strengths, areas of growth, concerns, and acceptability for all finalists.
  5. The Dean will recommend a candidate to the Office of the Provost by submitting a hiring proposal in PeopleAdmin. The following items need to be attached to the hiring proposal:
    1. Yes/No vote on minimum qualifications.
    2.  Criteria used to evaluate the candidates with appropriate feedback.
    3. Approved memo from the Dean for the campus interview.
    4. Final strengths and weaknesses document presented to the Dean.
    5. If the position is under-utilized, copies of OIE’s approval for phone/ITV/SkyPe interviews and evidence that the memo to the Dean for the campus interview included OIE.
  6. The Office of the Provost will complete a salary equity review, verify Affirmative Action activity, and review the letter of offer.
  7. After the hiring proposal is approved, the college can then send the offer to the candidate.