Ms. Annamarie DeLovato, Deputy Director for OIE, is a graduate of New Mexico State University having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in 1992 in Government. Annamarie attended law school at the University of New Mexico and graduated with a Juris Doctorate in 1998. Annamarie has almost twenty years of legal service as a state prosecutor, a Children’s Court Attorney, and as legal counsel in private practice representing clients in a variety of legal matters.

As Deputy Director, Annamarie is enthusiastic to be able to utilize her skills and experience to carry out NMSU’s commitment in providing a learning environment and work place that addresses issues of discrimination, harassment and retaliation on behalf of students, faculty and staff.

Annamarie is a member of the New Mexico State Bar as well as the federal bar in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico.

Training Completed


Commercially available training materials are proprietary. NMSU OIE is still working on obtaining permission to post materials publically from all of our vendors. NMSU OIE does not have permission from all of these vendors to post materials publicly. ATIXA trainings; however, may be accessed on the following website, as authorized by ATIXA:


Date Training TitleTraining AgencyLocationAttendees
2019-11-07AHEAD Title IX & Disability ServicesAHEADWebinar Annamarie DeLovato
2020-07-06 *ATIXA Civil Rights Investigator Level One Training & Certification CourseATIXAZoom/VirtualAnnamarie Delovato
2020-07-06*Civil Rights Investigator Level One Training & Certification CourseATIXAZoom/VirtualAnnamarie Delovato
2020-05-11*ATIXA Complimentary Regulations Webinar ATIXA Webinar ZoomAnnamarie DeLovato
2019-03-19*ATIXA Webinar on the Proposed OCR Regulations ATIXA Webinar Annamarie DeLovato
2019-08-08*OIE- Understanding Sexual Violence 20 Minute VideoATIXA Webinar Annamarie DeLovato
2019-09-12 *Sexual Harassment 20-Minute Video ATIXA WebinarAnnamarie DeLovato
2020-07-21Due Process Protections Under the New Title IX RegulationsDepartment of Education, Office of Civil Rights (OCR)WebinarAnnamarie Delovato
2019-09-10Safe Zone Training NMSU-LGBT+ProgramNMSU-Corbert Center Annamarie DeLovato
2019-01-28Green Zone Traning NMSU-Veterans Program O'Loughlin HouseAnnamarie DeLovato
2019-05-01Webinar, Title IX / Cleary and VAWA & university TravelPaperClipWebinar Annamarie DeLovato
2019-08-27"Submitting Your Clery Annual Security Report" with you PaperClipWebinar Annamarie DeLovato
2020-02-25Escalating Mental Health Demands & Scope of Care ChallengesPaperClipWebinar Annamarie DeLovato
2020-08-11HR Americans with Disabilities Act Series "Employee Qualification, Performanace & Conduct Standards.Southwest ADA CenterWebinareAnnamarie DeLovato
2020-07-29 Culture, Inclusion and Bias in the WorkplaceState Bar of New MexicoWebinarAnnamarie Delovato
2020-08-062020-2021: Title IX Final Rule BasicsSUNY - Student Conduct InstituteWebinarAnnamarie Delovato
2020-08-182020-2021 Legal Framework for Understanding Conflicts of Interest and BiasSUNY Student Conduct InstitutewebinarAnnamarie Delovato
2020-08-07 2020-2021: Online HarassmentSUNY-Student Conduct InstitutewebinarAnnamarie Delovato
2020-08-24Exploring the Curent State of Affairs Regarding Respondent Services & InterventionsSUNY-Student Conduct InstitutewebinarAnnamarie Delovato
1/13/2020-1/14/2020A Road to Campus Advocacy Conference 2020UTEP UTEP Annamarie DeLovato
2020-07-27 How to Report Sexual Harassment under Title IXDepartment of Education, Office of Civil Rights (OCR)WebinarAnnamarie DeLovato
11/27/2018 -11/29/2018Title IX Investigation College BootcampEducation Admin Web Advisor Webinar Annamarie DeLovato
2019-01-30CPR ClassNMSU-Fire Department NMSU Annamarie DeLovato
2020-01-07UNM and Department of the Navy Forum on Assault UNM and Navy ForumUNM Annamarie DeLovato