I have been with the Office of Institutional Equity at New Mexico State University for approximately 7 years. As the Equity Officer/Investigator, I have conducted investigations of Title IX complaints and allegations of discrimination based on the protected categories as outlined in federal and state anti-discrimination statues for both the academic ant the employment setting. I have also conducted training on preventing harassment in both the academic and employment setting to NMSU faculty, staff and students. My background also includes a BA in Human Resource Management and approximately 20 years of Human Resource experience in Higher Ed and a Medical Facility that included in ensuring compliance with employment and anti-discrimination regulations. 

Training Completed


Commercially available training materials are proprietary. NMSU OIE is still working on obtaining permission to post materials publically from all of our vendors. NMSU OIE does not have permission from all of these vendors to post materials publicly. ATIXA trainings; however, may be accessed on the following website, as authorized by ATIXA: https://www.atixa.org/2020-regulations-requirement-posting-of-training-materials/


Date Training TitleTraining AgencyLocationAttendees
2019-11-07 AHEAD Title IX & Disability ServicesAHEADWebinar Agustin Diaz
8/3/2013-8/7/2013*ATIXA Title IX Conference ATIXA Napa, CA Agustin Diaz
2019-03-19 *ATIXA Webinar on the Proposed OCR Regulations ATIXA Webinar Agustin Diaz
2019-08-08 *OIE- Understanding Sexual Violence 20 Minute VideoATIXA Webinar Agustin Diaz
2019-09-12 *Sexual Harassment 20-Minute Video ATIXA WebinarAgustin Diaz
11/27/2018 -11/29/2018Title IX Investigation College BootcampEducation Admin Web Advisor Webinar Agustin Diaz
2017-11-02 Southwestern Conference on Campus Sexual ViolenceNMSU OIE, DOS and NMSUPD Conference DACC East MesaAgustin Diaz
2019-01-30 CPR ClassNMSU-Fire Department NMSU Agustin Diaz
2019-09-10Safe Zone Training NMSU-LGBT+ProgramNMSU-Corbert Center Agustin Diaz
2019-01-28Green Zone Traning NMSU-Veterans Program O'Loughlin HouseAgustin Diaz
2020-07-27Supporting Black Students: The Social & Psychological Toll of COVID-19 & The Intersection with America's Racial ClimatePaper Clip CommunicationsAgustin Diaz
2019-05-01Webinar, Title IX / Cleary and VAWA & university TravelPaperClipWebinar Agustin Diaz
2019-08-27"Submitting Your Clery Annual Security Report" with you PaperClipWebinar Agustin Diaz
2020-02-25Escalating Mental Health Demands & Scope of Care ChallengesPaperClipWebinar Agustin Diaz
2020-08-10Title IX Investigator TrainingSUNYZoomAgustin Diaz
2020-08-18Legal Framework for Understanding Conflicts of Interest and BiasSUNYWebAgustin Diaz
1/13/2020-1/14/2020A Road to Campus Advocacy Conference 2020UTEP UTEP Agustin Diaz
2018-01-23Racist Message on Campus Webinar (Dr. Jamie Washington PaperClipCorbett Center Auditorium Agustin Diaz
1/27/2016-1/28/2016*ATIXA Civil Rights Investigator Conference Level Two CourseATIXA Orlando, FLAgustin Diaz
2020-05-19Title IX Webinar with Clery & SUNY-SCIClery & SUNY-SCIWebinar Agustin Diaz
9/10/2018-9/11/2018Clery ACT Training Clery ACTDACC East MesaAgustin Diaz
5/7/2017 -5/9/2017Consortium for Title IX and Equality in Higher EdConsortium Austin, TX Agustin Diaz
2020-08-10SCI TIX Investigator TrainingSUNY - Student Conduct InstituteZoomAgustin Diaz