I have been with the Office of Institutional Equity at New Mexico State University for approximately 7 years. As the Equity Officer/Investigator, I have conducted investigations of Title IX complaints and allegations of discrimination based on the protected categories as outlined in federal and state anti-discrimination statues for both the academic ant the employment setting. I have also conducted training on preventing harassment in both the academic and employment setting to NMSU faculty, staff and students. My background also includes a BA in Human Resource Management and approximately 20 years of Human Resource experience in Higher Ed and a Medical Facility that included in ensuring compliance with employment and anti-discrimination regulations. 

Training Completed

Commercially available training materials are proprietary.  NMSU OIE does not have permission from all of these vendors to post materials publicly.  ATIXA trainings; however, may be accessed on the following website, as authorized by ATIXA: https://www.atixa.org/2020-regulations-requirement-posting-of-training-materials/


Date Training TitleTraining AgencyLocationAttendees
2019-11-07 AHEAD Title IX & Disability ServicesAHEADWebinar Agustin Diaz
8/3/2013-8/7/2013*ATIXA Title IX Conference ATIXA Napa, CA Agustin Diaz
2019-03-19 *ATIXA Webinar on the Proposed OCR Regulations ATIXA Webinar Agustin Diaz
2019-08-08 *OIE- Understanding Sexual Violence 20 Minute VideoATIXA Webinar Agustin Diaz
2019-09-12 *Sexual Harassment 20-Minute Video ATIXA WebinarAgustin Diaz
11/27/2018 -11/29/2018Title IX Investigation College BootcampEducation Admin Web Advisor Webinar Agustin Diaz
2017-11-02 Southwestern Conference on Campus Sexual ViolenceNMSU OIE, DOS and NMSUPD Conference DACC East MesaAgustin Diaz
2019-01-30 CPR ClassNMSU-Fire Department NMSU Agustin Diaz
2019-09-10Safe Zone Training NMSU-LGBT+ProgramNMSU-Corbert Center Agustin Diaz
2019-01-28Green Zone Traning NMSU-Veterans Program O'Loughlin HouseAgustin Diaz
2020-07-27Supporting Black Students: The Social & Psychological Toll of COVID-19 & The Intersection with America's Racial ClimatePaper Clip CommunicationsAgustin Diaz
2019-05-01Webinar, Title IX / Cleary and VAWA & university TravelPaperClipWebinar Agustin Diaz
2019-08-27"Submitting Your Clery Annual Security Report" with you PaperClipWebinar Agustin Diaz
2020-02-25Escalating Mental Health Demands & Scope of Care ChallengesPaperClipWebinar Agustin Diaz
2020-08-10Title IX Investigator TrainingSUNYZoomAgustin Diaz
2020-08-18Legal Framework for Understanding Conflicts of Interest and BiasSUNYWebAgustin Diaz
1/13/2020-1/14/2020A Road to Campus Advocacy Conference 2020UTEP UTEP Agustin Diaz
2018-01-23Racist Message on Campus Webinar (Dr. Jamie Washington PaperClipCorbett Center Auditorium Agustin Diaz
1/27/2016-1/28/2016*ATIXA Civil Rights Investigator Conference Level Two CourseATIXA Orlando, FLAgustin Diaz
2020-05-19Title IX Webinar with Clery & SUNY-SCIClery & SUNY-SCIWebinar Agustin Diaz
9/10/2018-9/11/2018Clery ACT Training Clery ACTDACC East MesaAgustin Diaz
5/7/2017 -5/9/2017Consortium for Title IX and Equality in Higher EdConsortium Austin, TX Agustin Diaz
2020-08-10SCI TIX Investigator TrainingSUNY - Student Conduct InstituteZoomAgustin Diaz