In an effort to work towards meeting our AAP goals, reduce delay, and ensure efficiency and consistency of the approval process for underutilized positions, the following standardized procedures will be followed for all underutilized positions:

Staff Hiring Proposals:

  1. All hiring proposals for underutilized staff positions must include a justification memo to support the candidate recommended for hire.
    1. The justification memo must include a summary with the basis for the applicant recommended for hire and an explanation as to why the other applicants, who were interviewed, were not selected.
      1. Please note: Justification memos are required for all hired.
    2. Merely including the recommended candidate’s transcripts or a paragraph that the individual “was great” is inadequate. Justification must connect the candidate’s skills, education, and experience to the job posting and explain why the selected candidate better meets the needs of the department. 
  2. All hiring proposals for underutilized positions must include the following supporting documentation:
    1. matrix for screening applicants selected for an interview,
      1. The matrix must include criteria taken from the job posting. Criteria not included in the job posting may not be included at this stage of the process, and
    2. interview questions with responses and notes written by committee members, along with a ranking of candidates, and
    3. rubric with analysis of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses after interviews conducted, and
    4. Proof of posting the approved advertisement on the required sites for the required amount of time must be submitted with all finalists/draft offers of employment.
  3. Any hiring proposals received by OIE, which do not have the documents listed above attached to them, are incomplete. OIE will deny all incomplete hiring proposals and return them to the department for correction.
  4. If all documents are attached and the job posting/hiring proposal is complete, OIE will review the documents and contact departments directly with any additional questions. If the job posting/hiring proposals is complete and OIE has no further concerns or questions, OIE will approve the proposal.
  5. In OIE’s review of the candidates, Theam HRS may be asked to provide a qualification calculation regarding a specific candidate(s), depending on the selection of the committee and accompanying documents. OIE will only accept qualifications calculations from HRS.
  6. If all documents are provided and OIE has not further concerns or questions, the proposal will be approved.

Faculty Hiring Proposals:

  1. After an underutilized posting is closed the Hiring Committee shall provide to OIE, at, the list of candidates considered for phone/ITV/Skype interviews.
    1. This email must include the name of the department, the contact person for the position, and the position number.
    2. The initial screening/criteria tool/matrix utilized to select candidates for the interview must be attached.
    3. OIE will review the list and respond, generally within 48 hours, approving the list or requesting justification regarding the candidate selection. All underutilized positions must have OIE approval before proceeding to interviews.
  2. After the phone/ITV/Skype interview, the Hiring Committee shall provide to OIE at, the list of candidates selected for on-campus interviews.
    1. This email must include a chart or matric assessing all of the candidate’s initial interviews.
    2. OIE will review the list and respond, generally within 48 hours, approving the list or requesting justification regarding the candidate selections.
    3. Any potential issues identified by OIE must be addressed prior to proceeding with on-campus interviews.
  3. All OIE’s approvals must be attached to the final hiring proposal/embedded in PeopleAdmin. 

Position Announcements, Required Language: 

The university has incorporated the equal employment opportunity clause in all position announcements, purchase orders, leases, contracts, etc., covered by Executive Order

11246, as amended, and its implementation regulations. That clause reads:

  • “New Mexico State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer; Minorities, Females, Veterans, and those with a Disability are encouraged to apply.”

A shortened version is also authorized:

  • “NMSU an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer”


OFCCP recently released an updated employment referral resource directory which lists government and nonprofit organizations as references to assist federal contractors’ hiring of qualified applicants. ERRD was developed as a compliance assistance tool to help federal contractors identify local job referral services for veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, and minority groups. It is located at

Tools and samples are available through the Recruitment and Hiring Toolkits located at: