Intimate partner violence includes unwelcome dating violence, domestic violence, and relationship violence. IPV is one act, one threatened act, or an ongoing pattern of behavior that is directed against a person who is or was involved in a sexual, dating, domestic or other intimate relationship with another. IPV can be, but is not limited to unwelcome physical violence and/or sexual violence and can be threats, assault, property damage, or violence directed at a spouse, former spouse, individual who you share a child, individual you cohabitate with, a family or household member, or an individual with whom you currently have or previously had a sexual, romantic, or intimate relationship. IPV starts with controlling behavior and escalates to violence and abuse. It can be verbal, emotional, physical, psychological, financial and/or sexual. In an IPV relationship, you are often times isolated from your family and friends; you are told what to wear, what you can do, and how to act; and your movement and schedule are monitored.


  • Name calling, denigrating, belittling, humiliating and saying you are worthless
  • Excessive jealously
  • Threatening you, your family and/or your friends
  • Unwelcome slapping, pushing, pinching, kicking, hitting, biting, or strangling
  • Unwanted touching, fondling, and kissing
  • Forced sex acts
  • Not allowing the use of birth control