Questions and Answers

What does it mean to be a Responsible Employee?The University is required to identify Responsible Employees in order to comply with Title IX and the University's Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct on Campus Rules and Policies. The criteria for who must be designated as a Responsible Employee is outlined from the federal government, and it includes any employee:
  • Who has the authority to take action to redress Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct.

  • Who has duty to report Sexual Misconduct; and/or

  • Who member of NMSU community could reasonably believe has such authority.
  • Who are NMSU's Responsible Employees?1. Employees with administrative or supervisory responsibilities for other employees and students.
    2. Employees who serve as advisers to registered student organizations.
    3. Faculty
    4. Any employee who accompanies students to events, conferences, competitions, and abroad or is a local contact for students abroad.
    5. Coaches and athletic dept. staff.
    6. Every employee who has been designated as a Campus Security Authority.
    Who are not considered Responsible Employees?*
  • "Back office" clerical staff

  • Employees who do not have supervisory responsibility for other employees or students

  • Employees who serve as confidential resources, such as counseling, health professional, the pastoral, and advocacy.
  • What kind of incidents must I report?Any incident that is describes as, or you suspect may be, discrimination or harassment based on sex or gender under the Rule and Policy, or sexual violence, dating and interpersonal violence, sexual exploitation, stalking. You must report all incidents regardless of where they take place - both on and off campus.
    How do I report an incident as a Responsible Employee?You can report the incident using the report form on the home page, by email at, by contacting any OIE staff member, or by phone at 575-646-3635
    What happens when I make the report?One of OIE's staff will reach out to the affected person to let them know about available interim protective measures, as well as support and reporting options. The affected individual can choose whether the want to file a complaint, and whether they want to access any of the support and reporting options described therein.
    How do I explain my reporting obligations to someone?Be upfront with the individual about the information you will be required to share with OIE and why you are required to share that information. The following text provides you with an example of language you can use to have this conversation:
    "Before you go any further, I want you to know that I am required to share information you tell me about potential incidents of discrimination, harassment, and related misconduct with the Office of Institutional Equity. I cannot keep what you tell me confidential."
    I'm not a Responsible Employee. Should I still report an incident of discrimination, harassment, or related misconduct?All employees are strongly encouraged to make a report to OIE if they become aware of an incident that may violate the Policy and Rule. Making a report helps ensure that the person experiencing the potential misconduct receives important information about their rights and options for addressing the incident.
    What else can I do for someone who discloses an incident to me?Listen without judgment, share information about resources on campus and in the community, and respect the choices they make about how to respond to an incident.
    How is a Responsible Employee different from a Campus Security Authority (CSA)?Responsible Employees are required to report conduct prohibited by Title IX and the Policy and Rule. CSAs are required to report certain crimes in compliance with the Clery Act. All CSAs are Responsible Employees and must complete training that details both sets of reporting requirements. There are many Responsible Employees who are not CSAs. The training for Responsible Employees will help these individuals understand their reporting requirements.
    Who do I contact if I still have questions?Title IX Coordinator:
  • Name: Laura Castille

  • Email:

  • Phone: 575-646-3635