Responsible Employees

NMSU ARP 3.25, which is applicable to all NMSU students, staff, and faculty requires reporting, of any discriminatory or alleged discriminatory conduct, by all responsible employees. Responsible employees include:

  1. Those with the authority to address and remedy sex-based discrimination and harassment; and/or
  2. Those with the responsibility to report sexual misconduct to a supervisor and OIE; and/or
  3. Those who a student would reasonably believe have such authority or obligation.
Discriminatory conduct, alleged to have occurred outside of campus including outside of the United States of America, but associated with an NMSU program or activity, must be reported to OIE.

Questions and Answers

  • What kind of incidents must I report?
    • Any incident that describes, or you suspect may be, discrimination or harassment under the NMSU Rule and Policy, including but not limited to sexual violence, dating and interpersonal violence, sexual exploitation, stalking. You must report all incidents regardless of where they take place - both on and off-campus.
  • How do I report an incident as a Responsible Employee?
  • What happens when I make the report?
    • One of OIE's staff will contact the affected person to let them know about available supportive measures, as well as reporting options. The affected individual can choose whether they want to file a complaint and whether they want to access any of the support and reporting options provided.
  • How do I explain my reporting obligations to someone?
    • Be upfront with the individual about the information you will be required to share with OIE and why you are required to share that information. The following text provides you with an example of language you can use to have this conversation:
      • "I want you to know that I am required to share information you tell me about potential incidents of discrimination, harassment, and related misconduct with the Office of Institutional Equity. I cannot keep what you tell me confidential."
  • Why should l report an incident of discrimination, harassment, or related misconduct?
    • First, you may be required to do so. Second, making a report helps ensure that the person experiencing the potential misconduct receives important information about their rights and options for addressing the incident. Third, by reporting, NMSU can intervene by providing necessary support measures to ensure everyone's health, safety, and access to their educational/learning environment.
  • Who do I contact if I still have questions?